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It’s Gonna Be May…

Well, it’s already May, actually.  And life is going swell…

I do have some small worries, but compared to how big God is they pale in comparison.  They are relevant problems and not to be overlooked but I don’t need to stress and act like it’s the end of everything.

I’m headed to Hillsong Conference at the beginning of July, accommodation, flights and conference registration is all paid for, so now I just need to save up spending money.  I’m so excited for what God is doing in my life and what he will do as well. 

It’s Friday, and that makes me happy.  Collingwood game tonight and I’m going to the ‘rents to watch it.  It’s interesting how much I’m into the game.  I understand it more; though with all the rule mods it’s a bit difficult.

I’m also slowly going through all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

The other day, Mum showed me some photos of her grandfather and his brother who both fought in the Great War.  So, now Anzac Day will have some personal significance.

Currently listening to: Stormy – Hedley
Feeling: Content
Doing: On my lunch break, halfway through the day.

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