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Tail end of 2014

And so.  Time for new challenges.  I’m free.  As a bird, or however the saying goes.  New doors will open and that’s saying something at least.  I’m excited for what this season will bring.  Excited, and nervous, but that’s entirely normal.  All I know is that dwelling on the past does nothing.  Looking to the future whilst being comfortable with the present is where it’s at.

I’m going to take advantage of the time I have, to start that book.  To enjoy reading a good book or two or a hundred, and to appreciate the life God has given me.

Next month, my friend and I are going to see The Madden Brothers at Crown Perth.  I can hardly wait.  Their debut album ‘Greetings From California’ is an absolute masterpiece.  But, I’ll not bore you with details as I’ve already written a review piece that will appear in next months Simple Plan Space online magazine.

Right now, I’m sitting here, eating chicken carbonara whilst writing another chapter of The Uprising.  I am also rewatching season two of Hawaii Five-0 in view of finishing all four seasons that I have on DVD so I can then catch up with Season 5.  [Book ‘Em Danno is my text message tone…lol]

And, I am also relistening to James Macpherson’s message from the weekend.

What you dwell on will determine what you dwell in. 

Very pertinent to my life.

These verses from Psalm 16 is what I leave you with for now.

I have set the Lord always before me. Therefore, my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure. Psalm 16: 8-9

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