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30 Day Blogging Chalłenge – Day 1

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I figured I would remedy that by starting a 30 day challenge.  So, without further ado… 

Day 1

Weird things you do when you’re alone

This is something I haven’t given much thought to; however, putting my mind to it there are several things that I do that some people may find odd.  
1.  I read books out loud.  I’m currently reading James Dashner’s The Maze Runner and I just read it out loud.  Not to anyone, remember this is something I do when I’m alone.  I remember mum catching me out reading books out loud when I was a teen and she told me to stop because it was silly and that no one reads books out loud.  However, I like doing it for some reason…not sure why?  Perhaps I like hearing myself using different tones of voice depending on how I interpret the writing, or dialogue.   Who knows.
2.  I wander around my apartment.  Not for any particular reason.  I just do.  
3.  This one is connected to number two, sort of.  An extension of it, I guess.  I turn on my iPod, putting my earbuds in and pace around my living room, telling myself stories in my head.  Most of the stories feature the Rebels of Scotland who are my own creation.  But, always to music.  This probably means something.  Maybe I should just bite the bullet and write about The Rebels.  I do know them the best after EP and the rest.
4.  I sometimes stand in the middle of my living room.  Doing nothing.  Just standing there.
5.  I will sometimes sit in front of my laptop after my shower with just my towel wrapped around my waist.
6.  The last thing I do that some may consider weird, and that I know is really a bad habit, is that I will sit and pick the skin on my hands and feet.…and I can waste hours of time doing that…. Without even realising.  It is kind of a problem.  

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