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50 Day Challenge – Day 2

Write whatever is in your head right now. 

Excuse my scatter brain thoughts.  I’m at the shops right now and thinking about not a whole lot actually.  My fingers are cold though, so it feels kind of weird typing on my phone (where I’m currently writing this post).   

There’s a long queue here and for some reason they closed most of the check outs and they had to reopen one because lots of people suddenly needed to pay for their shopping.  

My brain is tired right now. Haha.  Mum accidentally called me while she was fixing the bathroom curtain and it even left a voice message….just the sound of nothing.  Mum texted to say at least it wasn’t while she was on the toilet… Too much information?

My hands really are frozen.   Might have to start wearing gloves soon.  

Or maybe I could write with another part of my anatomy… Say…my elbow?

Write with my elbow?  Let’s see how that works on my phone…

Ghgghhgfg gggggfvb shhhhh cd ganged daffy gfffdsserthjjjjjkvgyy dodgy ugh fdaawetyhjjihbvc dffgggggfgg judge fdsdchh Lilith cfddfg hjik afghan CFDs hjik addff hfs hajj gods Khufu hfs gim 
Did fid hahafgggeagv fos ghi God 

Bwahaha.  Typing with my elbow is fun. 

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