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July 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 5

A photo of someone AND something that made my day special 
1. Someone that made my day special 

This man always makes my day special.  He doesn’t even have to do anything he just does.   Being with him makes my day brighter.  So blessed by that. 
2.  Something that made my day special 

Being at church and worshipping always makes my day special.  There’s just something about being in the presence of God especially as a fresh start for the week.  It is one way for me to recharge.  That reconnection with God. 
And being with God is the best person you could be with. Connection with God is the most important relationship anyone could have, ever. And I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t want that. 
I know I’m going off from the challenge, but after the late night/early morning conversation I had with Mark I feel like sharing some other thoughts.  
– Church denominations are a problem.  Don’t get me wrong.  I understand why and how they came about.  However, the differences between them often causes discontent and infighting between a group of people who really should be working together to affect change in this world.
– Jesus gave us a New Commandment.  To love one another as He loved us.  
–  it is sad that many Christians do not come across loving.  Perhaps they have good intentions, after all it’s not like any of us would wish Hell on anyone.  But, when it comes to the “sins” of this world many of us come across judgemental rather than loving and critical.  (Critical in the constructive way that looks to help others to become better versions of themselves, not to tear people down).
–  Connection is about seeing those who are on the periphery and thinking about how we influence their lives.  
–  Connection is about showing people that they are valued and that Jesus loves them.  
–  I can’t understand why people can’t believe in God.  I just really can’t.  No judgement of course.  But, I just don’t get it. 
– It seems that Christians are again in a position where we must stand firm and defend our faith.  Society is really getting on the “Christianity should be private” and “feel free to practise your religion, but don’t talk about it to us.”  
But, being Christian isn’t meant to be private.  We’re not meant to hide our faith.  We’re meant to go public with our faith.  Of course, not forcing it on people by our words, but by shining the light through our lives and our actions.  
– Christianity is a relationship with God.  And you shouldn’t hide your relationships with people.  It’s not healthy.  So the way I see that Christians must stand firm is in living their lives in light of their beliefs.  
– Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk


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