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Something that has bothered me for some time…

Hillsong is, I believe, the largest Church in Australia, and with that it has garnered a lot of publicity.  Not all of it positive.  

Now hear me out before you start claiming that I’m like the blind following the blind.  
In recent years, especially around the timing of the Hillsong Conferences that now occur in many different countries, the media has trotted out insider stories that allege that several incidents have occurred within the Church and still does occur.  Incidents pertaining to alleged abuse and so on have been aired by the media and there are claims that the leaders are covering it up.  
And perhaps these allegations are true.  But, what bothers me is that the people trying to expose the Church for these incidents don’t seem to have any other proof than just a particular insider who is no longer part of the church.   One person out of many.  
Sure, perhaps there are other people who haven’t come forward to say something but perhaps it’s out of fear.  Or, maybe even a bigger perhaps is that they have learned to have a heart like Jesus and forgive what has been done.  
It takes a bigger person to forgive than to condemn.  
The other thing that bothers me is the average atheist out there who doesn’t understand what Hillsong Church is really about and just demonise the whole church and call it a cult without realising how damaging such a label is.  I’ve watched news stories about actual cults and Hillsong is nothing like them.  They don’t even have cultic tendencies.  
Hillsong has given millions to global causes and their ministries have changed many people’s lives for the better.  Their music ministry is inspiring on many levels and the difference they strive to make in this world by bringing the name of Jesus into people’s lives? In the hope that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour?  I thank God for that.
Everything Hillsong does points to Jesus.  It’s the media who makes it otherwise.  
Quit listening to the haters.  They only speak lies because they fear the truth.  

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