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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 8 – Slow

Today was a slow day.  Only had three babies in our room today.  And we amused ourselves with dancing, singing and reading books and cuddles and eating and sleeping (the babies) not my colleague and I.  Though we both were tired.  
We had the dinosaurs set up in the room all week which was a lot of fun.  They were in the sensory play experience tray that we set up.  
(Poor chickens and T-Rex, the brachiosaurus wasn’t impressed.)
And we also had some Australian animals as well.
(Thorny devil, dingo and red kangaroo.)
(Mr Platypus…)
It was a long day too, and I was there from 7.30 in the morning until 6.30 at night….so eleven hours straight. Long long day.   I love my work, but it can be absolutely exhausting.  I wouldn’t trade it, though.  And I don’t mind the slow days so much.  So much more one-on-one interactions can happen on those days.  I love it.

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