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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 10 – Everything

Today was one of those full kind of days. 
1. We went to church this morning and the God encounters that I knew were happening were palpable.  Worship went off in a good way.  
2. Then we had lunch with family with lots of lively discussion.  
3. Earlier in the morning I was up and pottering around, listening to music and surfing the net.  
4. Tonight I will watch The Voice then catch up with the Play School 50 year documentary on iView.  
5.  I was looking at one of my fan fictions this morning and it was making me all teary….thanks very much hormones.  Pretty weird to be crying over my own writing.
6.  I’m so pleased for Clokey.  4 goals and 19 disposals in a Collingwood win over GWS yesterday.  GWS has never beaten Collingwood.  And still hasn’t, so woot!  
7.  Tomorrow is probably my last Monday off, which I’m actually happy about.  After the school holidays I’ll be going back to five days, but on a shorter shift.  8 hours (7.5 plus half hour lunch) instead of 10.  
8.  I’ve had EP on my mind.  
9.  Been reading a book on science, myth and philosophy which has been getting me thinking.  Ironic that.  A Chaos of Delight written by Geoffrey Dobson is a fascinating read, though some of what is in the book has been hurting my brain, haha.
10.  I’m going to have Cheerios in a minute.  No, not the cereal.  Cocktail frankfurts.  We used to call them Cheerios in Queensland.
11.  The 3rd State of Origin game is on this weekend.  Queensland have won the series, though…so really it’s so NSW can salvage some dignity….maybe? 
12.  Story Park is such a good program to use for documenting the learning of the children at our centre, and to be able to communicate with the families and other staff. 
13.  Mark bought me a black series Rey figurine! She’s awesome.
14.  This has been a list on “everything” that’s kind of been going on in my mind today.  But, really I can’t list everything because then this would be thousands of words long.  Haha.  

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