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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 13 – Care

Going to do another fictional vignette for this word.  Enjoy.  This is Daniel McTavish and his thoughts.  

Thoughts from The Real McTavish


Take care of it.  That was always what I promised the boss.  That I’d take care of whatever was necessary.  No job was too hard for me.  Or too easy.  I remember one particular job.  There’d been a betrayal within the family.  A rat.  Rats were exterminated, there was no other recourse for traitors.  
A bullet to the brain was all that was necessary.  And I did it, easily enough.  It was the aftermath that wasn’t so pretty.  Unexpected but I actually felt a hint of guilt.  I brushed it off, though…it wasn’t anything… Or at least that was what I made myself believe back then.  Now in hindsight I know that it was the beginning of the end.  It took a whole year of subterfuge to keep Mickey off my back….and then the hit on the Boss….well…that’s a whole other story…
Suffice to say that the capacity I have to care is a whole lot different these days.  Tyson would tell you – Tyson’s a street kid that I got off the streets – he would tell you that I’m a changed man.  But, I don’t think that’s the entire truth.  I’m still me…except now…well, I have God in my life.  And that explains a lot more than needs to be said.  Though, Mickey doesn’t know.  Colleen made me promise never to contact any of them again…back when we were still together.  She didn’t know….about her father.   Then.  Not until a…well, like I said, that’s a whole other story.  
Anyway… That’s all I have to say…gotta go catch Cath before she leaves.  

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