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When will it be my turn?

It’s so easy to talk about God’s timing when life is going well. But, when life is not smooth sailing…it is even more important to cling to the knowledge that God has everything in His hands. 

I hold onto this truth stronger than I ever have in this season. 
So, honesty time.
I just saw Travis Cloke (yes…THAT footballer that I have obsessed over for however many years…darn him for leaving the Pies) post that he and his wife are expecting a child this coming spring. 
That stung. And I could say that I don’t know why something so trivial as some public figure announcing that they’re going to be a father has affected me. But that would be a lie. Coupled with my roller coaster of emotions over these couple of months; working with toddlers and getting cuddles with my friends 11 month old yesterday…and all the other baby announcements over the past months in social media….and my ever pressing need to be a mother…it’s just come to a head in my heart. 
I am so happy for all those with happy announcements in their lives, but a part of me is wondering, when will it be my turn? 
And I just want to weep from the frustration. 
But, then I turn my eyes back to God and remember that He knows the plans He has for my life. Plans to be a blessing to others, especially the children that I look after during the week. And that keeps me going. 
More importantly, the blessing that I am to my husband…that is a big part of my call in this season. And God will continue to guide us both to bigger and better things. 
Including children…if it is His will for our lives. 

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