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Happy Birthday Pierre
Happy birthday, Mr Bouvier (Simple Plan)

There’s something about humans getting together and celebrating the special moments in our lives. What is it that compels us to gather together, once every year and sing an inane yet happy song to those that we care about the most? 

Other animals don’t celebrate each other’s day of birth. Only we, the ultimate social animal, have thought up elaborate rituals to celebrate the day. Cakes, candles, perhaps a surprise party with our closest family and friends… Also in this social media era, Facebook reminders and Instagram posts of all the celebrations with appropriate and not so appropriate hashtags.

I think part of it is social. It’s one way we gather and join in something that is meaningful to us and builds relationships. And it remembers the passage of time and helps us to see the future as well.

I enjoy celebrating my birthday and that of my friends. Usually by having dinner with my family and or going out. I’ve had two surprise birthday parties, one for my 17th and one for my 22nd…and I’ve had various other parties over the years. A pool party for my 14th, a lovely dinner for my 18th…

I also like to remember the birthdays of my favourite artists and band members…hence the image at the beginning of this post. It’s Pierre Bouvier’s 38th birthday.

So, how do you celebrate your birthday? Or do you even celebrate? Why or why not? 

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