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Life at the moment…a list.

Hello to my readers out there. I know I have neglected posting anything for a little while. Life is full at the moment. Not so much with tangible stuff; however, personally, emotionally and medically a lot is going on. So, to fill you in with all the to-and-fro of the past month or so, here is a list of the more important moments, and thoughts that I’ve had.

  • Still waiting for the call for Mark’s transplant. Concurrently, he decided to stop working for the time being to concentrate on his health, and managing it so he is as well as he can be for the transplant, when it happens.
  • I received my own troubling news, medical in nature. I have endometriosis, which is presenting as what’s colloquially named a ‘chocolate cyst’. Also, there is tissue that is attaching my left ovary to the wall of the uterus. The diagnosis, which can only be 100% confirmed through laparoscopy, but can be diagnosed by ultrasound, makes sense of a lot of things that have happened to me health-wise over the last couple of years.
  • Going to work has been a struggle in this season. I love my job. But, some days it feels like my mind is in a constant fog and I can’t concentrate, and I just don’t want to make the effort to even get up and go. The winter colds and viruses don’t help this. I want to work a full 9 day fortnight for a change… The children do give me a lift when I engage with them, but the first half of the year has worn me out, and I don’t have much energy in reserve. I need that injection of energy..from somewhere…
  • I’m clinging more to God, or at least I’m trying my best. Reading my Bible more, immersing myself in worship.
  • I’ve retreated back into my shell in the last month. But, after a visit from a long time friend from Melbourne, I feel like I’ve had a resurgence of energy and hope.
  • I have some events to look forward to in the future. A get together with friends next weekend, and then the following week I am going to the Perth Women’s Convention with my mum. Then in September is our second wedding anniversary and my bestie’s birthday night. And that’s my social calendar sorted for a while…not bad for this introvert.
  • I haven’t been watching Collingwood play much. And every time…they win! (Well, maybe not every time…but most times…) Does that make me a bad supporter? Guess I just have other things on my mind. Though…I have watched more Freo and other games…so…should I renounce my Pies supporter-ship? Naaaaah.
  • I’ve accomplished my challenge of reading 12 books this year. I’m onto my 14th book! One that mum recommended, The Signature of All Things  by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • My writing comes and goes in spurts, including my blogging, evidently. I do manage to write in my journal most week days.

This second half of the year is going to have its challenges but as mentioned above there are also events to look forward to; and in all of these things, I will continue to pursue Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind.

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