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“Three sizes too big.” (Bed Hair – Ten)

Dear Diary,

School holidays. Something safe to write about. As a relief teacher holidays are my time to refresh myself. To take a breather. I guess it helps me to recalibrate. These holidays are going to be quite a bit different and will encroach into term time, so, I won’t be available to relieve any classes. I’m still not sure how I feel about it all. It seems so sudden… Simple Plan, here, in Perth. Fools Rush In, supporting them on their national tour. I still can’t get my head around it.

Pierre. I don’t have words.

The others, it’s great to see them…

What am I going to tell Bianca and Mark and the rest of the guys? How do you tell them about a past that is hard for me to even think about?


“How come you never told us you knew them personally?” Bianca’s question was innocent enough, but I wasn’t ready to answer it. I shook my head as I tried to focus on what I was doing: sealing up the boxes of shirts that we’d left earlier.


I looked over at her. “Yeah?”


I sighed, setting the tape down on top of the last box. “Didn’t think it was necessary.”

Bianca’s eyebrows raised, not for the first time. “We’re gonna be touring with them for a month around Australia, I think that makes it kind of necessary.”

I shook my head, thinking that it was a good thing I hadn’t mentioned anything about Pierre and I just yet. “Why? It’s not that big a deal.”

Blanca laughed. “A big international band? Come on, Marly. They’re your favourite band. Everyone knows that.” She leaned in closer to me. “But, you’re friends with them?”

I waved a hand at her, dismissing her question.

“I haven’t spoken to any of them for over a year.” Which wasn’t entirely a lie. Pat called me once a month just to touch base.

Bianca scrawled a number on the box I’d sealed and said, “How’d you meet them? Really? I mean, I know you already told me you bumped into Pierre at a bar…” She paused. “That wasn’t the whole truth, was it?”

I guess it was time to be honest…somewhat, and I knew I could give some kind of answer. “After their Brisbane show in 2005.” I smiled a little. “Pierre and Pat were drinking in the bar that I happened to walk into after the gig.” Leaning back, and surveying the boxes, I added, “I had to go up to the bar right next to them to get a drink. Pat thought he’d introduce himself to me…” I gave a little laugh.

Bianca screwed up her face. “And I guess he introduced Pierre to you?”

I lifted my shoulders as I picked up the tape again. Patrick never actually got a word in that night. It was all Pierre. It had always been Pierre. Pat only showed up later. But, I wasn’t about to tell Bianca that. And I hoped she wouldn’t press me any more on the matter.

“Hey guys!” And right on cue, Mark appeared, clutching his bass, saving me from any further explanation. Though Bianca shot a look my way that suggested she wasn’t done questioning me just yet.

I smiled at Mark. “How’d things go with SP?”

Mark unslung his bass, setting it on top of a box before he said, “Really well. They have some radio appearances today, but they want us to take them out for dinner tonight.” He grinned at me. “Nice excuse to dress up.”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t do dressed up. You know that.” Not since leaving Pierre that is… I pushed that thought away as Mark just lifted an eyebrow at me.

“Do it for me?”

I blinked at him; Bianca saved me. “Leave her alone, Mark.” She smiled at me, patting my shoulder. “You’d look good in a paper bag.”

I snorted at her statement. “Bet you say that to all your friends.”

Mark said, chuckling, “No, just you, Hun.”

I blinked at the endearment, but didn’t try to analyse it, it couldn’t possibly mean anything, could it?

“Marly?” Bianca tugged at my sleeve, bringing me back. I laughed a little to mask my embarrassment.

“Sorry, you were saying?”

“We’re going to take the guys to Nobu, at the Crown.”

“Is that the awesome Japanese restaurant Andy was telling us about?” Bianca asked, which I was grateful for as I couldn’t really form any more words at that moment.

Mark nodded as he leaned over one of the boxes of shirts, squinting at the writing. “Yeah…what sizes are these?”

I shook my head and answered, “Three sizes too big for you.”

Bianca giggled, and Mark rolled his eyes my way. “Uh huh…”

Lifting my shoulders, I patted the box next to me. “These would fit better.” I felt a little more normal now I was talking merchandise. I didn’t want to look too closely at what I was feeling, especially as I was still shaken up over seeing Pierre.

There. I said it. Pierre was the main reason my mind wasn’t ready to entertain thoughts about Mark. Because, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I am attracted to him. I haven’t mentioned this to anyone, let alone admitted it to myself. Though, maybe Bianca sees something I don’t. Anyway, this tour wasn’t the time for me to even attempt to figure it all out…was it? It wasn’t like I needed a guy to fulfil my life. To complete me. Sure, it would be nice to share my life with someone. But, now was not the time.

“Marlz, let’s go.” Bianca interrupted my thoughts once more, and I smiled her way, glad for the distraction. Mark had already left, and Bianca was gathering her things.

“Where’re we going?”

Bianca giggled. “Gotta go check all my gear. Help me?”

I nodded, and followed her out.

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