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Women’s Ministry

I got this book at the Perth Women’s Convention because one of the issues on my mind for quite some time is women’s roles within the Church.

Especially as there are conflicting views within the different denominations: are women forbidden to be leaders in churches? Are they allowed? Should we have women Bishops, women Senior Pastors? Is it ok if they are joint pastors alongside their husbands? Why, why not? Can women teach men within the church? Can’t they? Can we have women elders (Presbyterian churches)? Why or why not?

And tied in strongly with all this….what are women being taught and/or are learning about theology; what they know about God? Is the theology they are learning biblically sound?

Is what I’M learning from the Christian books, that I read outside of the Bible, biblically sound?

I’m hoping this book will give me some insights in the huge area of what is women’s ministry. I may write some more thoughts in a later post once I’ve finished reading it.

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