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January is Over, Already?

What is going on? I think I need to cease being surprised at the passage of time as I get older. But, its so easy to see time slipping by, a factor that used to go unnoticed when I was younger. But, here we stand at the end of the first month of 2020.

What have I accomplished? Not a lot. BUT, and that’s a big but, I feel like January has treated me well the majority of the time.

I began the month with my bestie at the movies to see Jumanji: The Next Level. Work followed, getting back into the groove of work wasn’t too difficult since we had lower numbers. I had some family and friend gatherings at my parents’ place which entailed the famous Pizza oven getting fired up. My aunt, my mum’s sister was here at the beginning of the month and it was great to be able to spend some time with her.

The theme at Church was “My To Be List” a great series speaking from the Bible on who we want to be in Christ.

On a more trivial note, I finished watching season 9 of Hawaii Five-0, had to get my McGarrett fix after all. And I signed up for Disney+. (Disney classics come at me! – watched Lady and the Tramp…and well. The original is still better, but this one was fun). And Simple Plan is finishing up in the studio – I can almost smell the new album!

I took myself to the Zoo for some me time, capturing some amazing shots in the process (on my phone, mind) and I enjoyed a Gospel Choir with my bestie as part of Fringe World.

One of the big moments of this month was my Australia Day/House Warming gathering on the 26th. It turned out to be the perfect introvert-friendly party, where we ate, talked about many different things and watched random YouTube videos. Perfect. I was going to use the BBQ, but it was way too humid outside for comfort so we ended up using the stove, but other than that, it was a wonderful time had by all.

So, what do I want to accomplish by basically giving you a shopping list of my month? Well, there’s two reasons for this post, one to herald the end of the beginning of 2020 (we can stop saying Happy New Year now…unless we count Chinese New Year, and then I can keep saying it for a bit longer – Gong Hee Fat Choi). And two, I needed to get back into the habit of writing my blog. Subsequent monthly blog posts will be less “shopping list” style and I will probably just focus on major topics or events that happen in the month. But, we will see. 2020 is going to be a year where I will write more, but I won’t restrict myself.

So, enjoy this somewhat random post. And bring on February! Don’t forget, it’s a Leap Year this year, which means…THE OLYMPICS!

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