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Ok first things first…do NOT ask me why I’m still up at almost 3 am in the morning…because I DON’T know.  Right good. LOL.

So, all my exams are finished and I am now on holidays for seven weeks.  Seven weeks of no uni.  I still have to collect two of my reports from uni though.  And marks start coming out July 11th…but that’s a while away yet.  (Fingers crossed I passed…I’m not sure about ZL3203 though).

I went and saw ‘The Longest Yard’ with My friend last night…yes it WAS last night.  It was absolutely hilarious.  Some of the lines from it were so funny.  Some of it was really ‘wrong’ though…lol.  Adam Sandler was in good form.  But I swear that the Warden of the prison was the same actor who was in Babe.  Megan reckons the guy in Babe his ears were sticking out more…but he could have had them pinned back…

what else…well…QLD lost the second origin game so…Bring On the Decider!  The Maroons will be ready!  Cowboys have a BYE this weekend. 

My whole family ave been crook and I’m coming down with it as well…but not as bad…cos i’ve been taking my medicine like a good girl lol. 

The Simple Plan Single, ‘Untitled’ is in stores on the 20th of June, which is in 2 days…on Monday…they don’t shelve it until around lunch time though, which is odd. 

Anyways that’s it for now



PS Here’s a pic of the BSB

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  1. nice updates girl im impressed :d enjoy your 7 whole weeks of down time and mabey get your msn fixed so we can chat some more ~ grin~ i am offically saving money for con and for my aussie trip 😀

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