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Dry Season?

OK…it’s raining and it’s supposed to be the DRY SEASON!  What is up with that?  I mean yeah I really shouldn’t complain cos we didn’t get much rain in the wet season…but you know it’s odd.  Weather has been odd for awhile though…oh well…can’t complain…at least it’s not freezing cold as well.



5 thoughts on “Dry Season?

  1. Love your pics of Chinese New Year.One of the great days of the year as far as I am concerned and I always try to be in Asia for it.Great page.Keep up the good work.Jonofinchy.

  2. dry season? you should come visit, i could take you to places that havent seen rain in decades 😛 yeah freezing cold also sucks but hey you need somebdy to keep you warm 😉 hehe

  3. i know why its raining, remember i sent you the rain the other day haha. it hasn’t been raining here for a few days yays!!!! it’s still cold though 😦

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