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Excerpt of my favourite fic written by Nissa

From Taking the Law Into My Own Hands by Nissa
The doorbell rang again. "Who’s that?" Nissa smirked.

"Our ride to the concert. Go answer it, will ya? I gotta use the bathroom." Marly nodded as Nissa went into her bedroom. She almost laughed out loud when she heard Marly squeal.


"OH MY GOD! AM I?" Pierre squealed back. Nissa lost it then. She was sure she could be heard laughing from her bedroom.

Marly just stared at Pierre. It suddenly registered that Nissa knew Pierre was going to show up. "NISSA! YOU SNEAKY LITTLE GIRL!" Nissa could be heard laughing uproariously from the bedroom. Pierre just smiled. The girl before him was vaguely familiar. Oh yeah, she works at Chuck’s office. Um, Carly or…MARLY! That’s it!

"Don’t worry, Marly, she’s learned from the best." Marly looked at him and smirked.

"She’s only known me one day. She can’t have learned from the best yet." Ooh, feisty little thing! He grinned at her, walking up next to her and placing an arm around her shoulders.

"You know, Marly, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."

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