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Warped Story 


Megan, Sarah & Marly


The sun rose over the manor as the servants were preparing to face the new day.  Today was a special day because today was the day of truth, the day when all the lies that have been were revealed; the day when all alliances were reformed.  An alliance between the Water Tree gang and the gang of the Rebels’, who had once been as one; a very cold day in Hell and the Devil was grumpy.  He didn’t like the cold, and in addition to Hell freezing over, Heaven’s St Peter had been ringing him all night.  Saints WEREN’T angels no matter what you’ve heard.  I suppose you’d think that St Peter was above prank phone calls.  However, that was all Peter did.

Picture this:

The phone rings in Hell (Ring, ring)

Devil:  Hello?

St Peter:  (Heavy breathing) Helloooooo (click as the phone hangs up)

Phone rings 15 more times throughout night exactly the same as above.


So the Devil decided to get revenge.

He sat there, his chocolate brown, shoulder length hair pulled back behind the nape of his neck.  His lips pursed and his blue eyes glittered with suppressed laughter.  He stood slowly, everything about him pristine clear, from his black “Nikes” and his denim jeans to his form fitting black shirt, which showed his six pack perfectly.  But how to carry out his plan of revenge.  He pressed the intercom button and asked Jessebel to send in the Squirm Brothers into see him.

The door burst open and three worm-like creatures rolled over each other into the room, squirming all over the floor a sour smell filling the already dank air.

“Stop that!” the Devil cried.

“But we’re the Squirm Brothers!  What can we do Boss?”

“This is what I want you to do….  Go jump in the lake.”

So they did and that is how the legend of the sour lake at the manor came to be. 

5 thoughts on “Interesting….

  1. Marly says:want to know my obsession…? Music is my obsession… (and animals).LIKE HELL IT IS!!!! It’s more like:want to know my obsession…? Simple Plan is my obsession…(and rugby)You have a very active imagination, which is a GOOD things.

  2. NB. that previous comment I made doesn’t go with this thread, it goes with the one about your birthday. Dunno why it published it here…

  3. You’re not supposed to get it…we did this thing where wrote a senetence or paragraph each without looking that the writin in the line before so yeh

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