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Australian Rules Football, Magpies, and Other Stuff

 It’s September, footy season. That is AFL, not soccer, not NFL, not NRL [even though it is NRL finals season as well].

The team I support, Collingwood Magpies are finally in a Grand Final, the first since losing the double of 2002/2003 against Brisbane Lions. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a football match for a very long time. I have to say, that usually I don’t get super excited about sport. But, when it comes to the teams I root for? That’s a different story. I guess it helps that I’m slowly gaining an understanding of the code.

This wikipedia article has a lot of information on the game itself. 

This one outlines the League itself.

This one explains the positions. 

My favourite Pies player is Travis Cloke, he’s centre-half forward and is a pretty good player, he’s only young as well, 23 years old. 


So, anyway, that’s it for me.

Some questions:

1. What is your favourite team sport to watch, or support?
2. Are you a fanatic, or do you just support because of family or friends?
3. When the finals seasons for your preferred sport comes round [if this is relevant] what do you do?

Oh, by the way, the magpies we in Australia have are these birds:


Oh, one more thing, Swanny is up for the Brownlow Medal. :D.

[Dane Swan –

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