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Grand Final Fizzer – Draw? What next…

So, it was meant to be the big one today. But guess what? It was a draw, so guess what, again? Instead of going to overtime, which would be the sensible thing to do, the AFL have decided to play another game…


Seriously, stupidest rule ever. I mean apparently only three times [including this time] has a Grand Final ever ended in a draw. It’s just stupid. Even the coaches think it should be decided by overtime.

I guess some bonuses will be that now the Pies can focus on improving on the areas that let them down…*cough*Travis’kickingskills*cough* and come out fighting. Also they’ve been through the fire once they’re sure to be much better placed next week.

But, damn, I don’t think I’ve gotten so emotional over the sport in a long time. I was crying when it was over. Actually I was crying when the Saints were 1 point ahead. That just about killed me.

Anyway, I’m feeling better after that mini-rant…

Here’s a thought, courtesy of Rove:

Hung parliament and hung AFL grand final. What is going on Australia?

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