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Blogging in General

I think there are several different kinds of bloggers.  You get the one’s who are just everyday Joe’s or Jill’s who use a blog like an online journal, that’s not really meant for anyone but their own amusement.  Then there are the bloggers who post on current world events and political views, also on current world issues, and are basically an opinion based article.

Then you get the comedy one’s that are sending up different political, religious views or just life in general.  Then there are the blogs that are reviews on music, books, movies.  Those often fall within different viewpoint categories as well.

Finally, you get the blogs which are just random pointless musings that are really just an excuse for procrastination.

Which to be honest, is the reason for this post.

Anyway, no thought for today, except:


Oh, and I made this for fun

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