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It’s the 3rd of January 2011, and I can hardly believe the year has begun, once again.  I could give you a list of New Year’s Resolutions but there would be no point.  A lady I sing in the choir with, said to me her resolution this year is to enjoy the year.  And to be honest, I think that’s the only resolution that makes any sense.  Really, if we want to do all those other things that people resolve to do, i.e. diet, get healthy, get fit, spend more time with a certain friend or family member, that can all come under that one word.

Enjoy.  One can enjoy themselves if they are healthier; one can enjoy themselves with friends and family; one can enjoy themselves by reading a good book.  One can enjoy themselves discovering new music.  Yeah we could say, ‘this year I resolve to eat healthier.’  But if we make it fun, like go to a restaurant with friends and choose to not have extra fries on the side and not make a huge deal of it…then it’s a win win situation.

Resolve to enjoy life and everything else will follow.  I find trying to be strict on a resolution actually takes the fun out of doing things.  This year, do not be a fun-sucker.  Say ‘yes’ to more things, have a blast, work hard and party harder.

Of course, being sensible is important, but not to the point that you bore yourself to tears, or anyone else as well.

There is nothing wrong with being quiet and still sometimes.  Quiet and still does not have to mean boring and have no life.

And to all those who believe, enjoyment can be found in sitting down and reading and learning from The Book.  Knowing God, knowing Him who came to save us all…it’s the most joyful one can be.

God bless and have an amazing 2011.

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