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Ban the word Frontman

Pierre through the years
Pierre Charles Bouvier

I’m not one for idolising people.  For several reasons.  People are flawed.  People are not perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes and are not worthy of being put on a pedestal.  However, in saying that, I’m not a perfect person, either.  So, I will allow myself to indulge in the act of ‘idolisation’ somewhat. 
And there is this one frontman – I’ll get back to how problematic I think that word is, in a minute – that I will hold up a little.  
Mr Pierre Charles Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan has been on my radar for the last eleven years, and today he turns 36.  I’ve probably talked and written about him a lot over the years, but I felt lead to go a bit more in depth.  
I must admit, my initial attraction to Pierre was shallow, based on looks and voice…but, that’s normal?  I mean at that point I was 19 and had never really had any crush on a ‘celebrity’ [not counting Kick Gurry from Looking For Alibrandi].  And seriously, who could blame me?
Pierre in the studio recording Still Not Getting Any
My early days/years of being a Simple Plan fan I must admit were, in hindsight, a tad embarrassing.  Being in the middle of my science degree at university, and nursing a fledgling obsession with this band…was a recipe for disaster.  Well, not quite.  But it was a matter of contention with my parents.  My writing flourished thanks to my crush on Pierre…which then ended up in arguments with my mum because she’d catch me awake at all hours of the night on the computer.  At one point she even told me I needed to see a shrink…basically…yeah…
I blame Pierre.  Always.  Still do.  Or more specifically, EP.  But, I digress. 
[I always blame this face]
Pierre on Channel V’s What U Want Live, 2005
Pierre became my writing muse; I’ve written over 40 fan fictions featuring him in some form or another.  Then seeing the band live in 2005 for the first time?  That just cemented the attraction for me.  

Pierre, 2nd October, 2005, Brisbane Entertainment Centre

I haven’t looked back, really.  He will always be my favourite singer in a band.  His personality and raw talent are what attract me these days.  Especially after having met him twice.  

Pierre, 2012/2013 obviously
Pierre is down-to-earth, self-deprecating and seriously an all round nice guy.  He’s not afraid to joke about where he comes from and take the piss out of the band and their music.  

Chuck: We didn’t play… Save YouPierre: Save You…save you…David: Which is by the way now called, ‘Shave You’.Pierre: ….*sings* I wish I could shaaaave you…

Pierre and Delilah
How can you not love that face? Anyway.  
Pierre [EP, Pips…] is one of those singers in a band that I will always recognise and respect.  Simple Plan would not be the band it is today if this wonderful man wasn’t fronting it.  
The dreaded word…. frontman

M Shadows, A7X
I’m not a fan of the term ‘frontman’.  Especially when it comes to Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan.  Let me unpack that a bit for you.  When I read the word ‘frontman’ I visualise a rockstar, a guy who is cocky and struts around the stage.  I would call M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold a frontman.  Because that is what he is most definitely, at least on stage.  Off stage…not so much.  But, that’s the point really. [I’m not dissing Shads by any means…he’s my second favourite lead vocalist ;)]
Pierre on the other hand, doesn’t come across that way.  Yes, he exudes charisma and can hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, but he doesn’t come across cocky.  He’s real, personable… almost like an Aussie.  Maybe that’s the Canadian in him, though.  Haha.  
The other issue I have with the term ‘frontman’ is that it seems to shine the spotlight on the lead singer and take all the attention away from the rest of the band, who, to be honest, are just as important.  
It’s also problematic when you get a band where even the lead singer is forgotten or not known.  
Eg.  When I first heard about Fall Out Boy…I thought Pete Wentz was the ‘frontman’ because he was the one most seen in the media.
Pete Wentz, frontman?
But, guess what…this is their lead singer.
This is not Pete Wentz.  This is Patrick Stump, lead vocalist of FOB
I don’t think it’s necessary to call them the ‘frontman’… ‘the face of the band’ whatever.  The band should be seen as a whole!  Incidentally I think the drummer is the most important member of the band…
Lucky Simple Plan has four drummers.  [What?]
Chuck, official drummer
Pierre, self-professed better drummer than Chuck
David actually better drummer than Chuck, according to Chuck
Seb, air drummer extraordinaire
So, anyway.  Let’s ban the word ‘frontman’. On an aside, I’m sure all the lead vocalists of bands who grew up with self-esteem issues would thank you for it.
Simple Plan and other bands

In today’s world of One Direction [and the fall out going on with them at the moment] and dance music that seems to be taking over the airwaves, I miss the days of actual bands.  You know…Good Charlotte, Blink 182, A7X, Simple Plan, Eskimo Joe, Coldplay, The Living End….and then back further, The Eagles, ACDC… and I could name many others.  But, I won’t.
The point I want to make right now, is that these bands write their own music and play their own instruments and have fun doing it.  They also care about their fans [maybe not so much Blink…] and want to make a difference through their music.  
Not saying that pop groups or other artists can’t or don’t, but I think bands like Simple Plan and A7X are special in ways that I can’t even really put in words.  
Watching a band live is something I think everyone should do at least once in their life.  I’ve been pretty lucky to do it a lot more than once.
Coldplay x 2
Simple Plan x 3 
Eskimo Joe [and support acts]
Third Day
The Eagles
Tonight Alive
The Never Ever
We The Kings
Youth Group
All American Rejects
The Madden Brothers [I count as a band, because Good Charlotte] [and support acts]
Murphy’s Lore
…to name just a few.  
This whole blog post seems a tad disjointed, but I’ll just blame this face and I’m sure you’ll forgive me…or him.
PS.  Pierre is the best band dad going.
Pierre and his daughters [from his instagram]

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