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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Days 27/28/29

Talk about your siblings

My brother turns 21 in August.  Which makes him, practically, nine years my junior.  Like me, he is adopted; however, he was actually born in Australia.  So, he’s our young ABC.  (Aussie Born Chinese for the uninitiated). 
He was 5 months old when we first met him at my Nan’s place in Melbourne.  I was 9 years of age and I don’t remember much of that first meeting, but I know I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.  I know my parents did.  
Even now, that we’re both adults, I know I love him though I don’t see him or even speak to him often. He’s my brother and I will always be there for him and pray that I will become closer to him as he gets older.  I think he’s just at a stage in life where he sees his friends, study, work etc as more important than his family.  And that’s ok.  Everyone has selfish tendencies at some point in life or other.  
I am proud of him, though.  Just found out he got the job he applied for at the bank so, very happy for him. 🙂
I also have three half-siblings that do not know I exist.  My birth mother eventually got married (not to my birth father) and had two more girls and a boy.  The eldest girl is probably in her late teens or early twenties.  Her name is Jamie Lee.  And the boy is Timmy if I recall correctly.  Can’t remember the younger girl’s name.
Part of me wishes that they knew about me, but another believes that it is better off they don’t.  I really don’t know where the future will lead in that regard.  But we’ll see.
The month you were happiest this year and why? 

I think this month, May, is the happiest I’ve ever been for several reasons.  First of all, I went on holidays with the love of my life, and got to introduce him to my Nan and my aunt (my mum’s sister).  
And then when we arrived back and I went back into work, having the sense that I’m wanted at work and actually missed made me realise again how blessed I am. My director’s exact words were, “You’re not going anywhere, we’re keeping you.”  
That feeling of being wanted and needed is in total contrast to how I was made to feel at my previous work place.
I am so grateful to God for the blessings in my life at this point in time.  And I will not take it for granted.  I will use God’s blessings to hopefully influence others for the good.  
I have that responsibility and I believe there is no more important thing than to influence little ones in a Godly way.  Their little personalities are in my hands and they are precious, each and everyone of them.  
A picture of yourself 

I’m going to share with you a photo of myself from when I was a child, and I will unpack it a bit for you. 

Here I am not long after mum and dad brought me home from Hong Kong, so circa 1988.  I was 3 years of age here.  
In the photo with me are my cousins, Peter and Jane.  Dad’s sister’s kids.  (I’m the one in the chair).  I have good memories of spending time with them as a kid, but due to circumstances beyond my control I am no longer in touch with them.  
On my trip to Melbourne I was able to get contact details for them from my Nan, so now it’s a matter of deciding what to do with that.  They have basically been estranged from us due to my dad’s sister having stopped all contact with Nan and the family.  
I firmly believe in reconciliation though, but I believe I am the one who will have to make the first step.  

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