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Thoughts on Worship and God

Zac spoke about worship on Tuesday night and about how when we worship NO ONE misses out on Jesus and who He is.  

I had some thoughts that came to me after hearing his word.  So, enjoy my thoughts.

It makes me sad the number of people who do not know the joys of a relationship with God, through Jesus. 
It is the greatest relationship anyone could ever hope to have.  He heals all the hurts in our lives and has promised us joy and life on the other side of physical death.  He has promised no more sickness, no more pain, no more suffering, no more poverty.
Who would want to reject that?  
By the same token, we who are already saved have a mandate, a responsibility and mission to be lights to the world.  Shining God’s love into the world.  
We are called to love.  
To be God’s hands and feet in a broken world. 
To those who say, why doesn’t God intervene in the world’s suffering? 
Well here’s the answer:  where God does not intervene is where humans are turning a blind eye.  WE are the ones who are responsible for doing God’s work here on earth.  And if nothing is happening to help those who are oppressed, it’s because WE aren’t doing enough. 
Do not blame God.  He has called US to work good in the lives of His people and if we do not, we are at fault.  
Not God.  Never God.
So, remember.  When we worship, live lives of worship, NO ONE misses out on Jesus.

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