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May Is Almost Over

Greetings readers.
May is almost over.  Hard to believe how fast this year is going.  The first half of the year is almost done with.  For me, looking back, it has mostly been filled with positives.  With some minor health setbacks. Including today.  
I was at home yesterday, and again today, and it’s frustrating to say the very least.  I don’t enjoy being ill and unable to work.  I’m sure you would all agree with that sentiment. 
So, to amuse myself I think I’m going to pick and choose topics to write about from some blogging suggestions I’ve looked up.  
This morning I’m going to focus on music.
10 random songs on my iPod and how I feel about them

Crimson Day – A7X
This song is off Avenged Sevenfold’s album Hail to the King.  I don’t have any real or deep thoughts about this song.  But, it’s a mellow, melodic song with strong drum beats that I can’t help but sit and nod my head to.  Not a favourite of mine but, definitely not a song that I would skip.  And Shads has a good voice …so…
Mountain of God (Live) – Third Day
One of my favourite Third Day songs.  I’m a little bummed that Third Day didn’t do this song at their concert when they came to Perth earlier this year.  
Such a beautiful song that speaks truth about my God. 
Hope Springs Eternal – Riverview Worship
Beautiful worship song from my home church.  Nothing more needs to be said, except:
Hope springs eternally
Christ is risen
Your love has taken hold of me
I am forgiven 
I am forgiven
Hope springs eternally 
There’s no condemnation
Your love has made a way for me
Now I belong 
I belong to You.
Surrendering – Riverview Worship
Devotional worship.  From my home church once more.  Reminding me of the best place to be when I need rest. 
Immortals (End Credit Version) – Fall Out Boy
I’m not sure why I like this song.  The tune is catchy and it’s just a fun song.  It’s just one of those songs that I can’t help listening to over and over
It’s a Hard Knock Life
Annie is one of my favourite musicals and this song is one of the classics from it. 
Momentum – Riverview Worship
Instrumental piece of worship from my church. 
Sarah (Live at MAX Sessions)
I love Eskimo Joe.  They are a great Western Australian band.  And this song has always been one of my favourites.
Come Revive – Riverview Worship
This is a great worship anthem written by my church team.  Praying for the Holy Spirit to come and revive God’s people, the Church.
Afterlife – A7X
This song was written by late drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and is one of my favourites off the band’s self titled album.  I haven’t listened to any Avenged Sevenfold for months but, these days I tend to need to be in the mood to listen to their music.  It’s a lot darker and heavier than music I tend to listen to in this season.  But this track holds a dear spot in my heart because it marks a season in my life.  If that makes any sense.  

Songs that have made me cry and why?

Fiction – A7X 
This was the final song Jimmy sang on and it’s so haunting to hear his voice coupled with Matt’s I cry every time I listen to it.  Even now after six years since he died.  And I always make the mistake of listening to it in the car while I’m driving.

Hole in the World – The Eagles
The story behind how and why The Eagles wrote this song breaks my heart.  They wrote it just after the events of “9/11”. 
Glorious Ruins – Hillsong
Whenever we sing this at church I always get emotional 
Wildest Dreams – Riverview Worship 
This song has been my anthem and my truth since I first heard it in 2014.  It helped remind me of the truth that God is there for me and got me through the crap that happened last year.  And this year has been the proof of it. 
10 Favourite Songs 

Perfect World – Simple Plan
Sold Out – Hawk Nelson
One Life – Hedley
Bye Bye Bye – *NSYNC
He Don’t Love You – Human Nature
I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys
No Ordinary World – John Farnham
Scream – A7X 
Victim – A7X 
Precious Love – Riverview Worship

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