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Why do I blog|What’s in a Name?

Hey blog readers.  

So, here’s a thought.  Why do I blog? I know I’ve touched on why I write in an earlier post, but blogging is a little different, no?
Well, there’s a few reasons I think.
1.  First of all, it’s an extension of my more private journal, which is obviously not shared on this blog.  
2.  I enjoy putting my thoughts out for people to read (if they read them or not).
3.  I can actually read what I’m typing.  You should see my handwriting.  It’s shocking.  
4.  It’s fun.
5.  Blogging is a sharing of my thoughts with others.
So, why Imagination is Evidence of the Divine?
The name of my blog came from a quote that I read years ago.  I can’t even remember.  But, it alludes to my belief that the fact that we even have imaginations is evidence that God is real.
I use my imagination when I’m writing, even when I’m talking about things that aren’t fictional.  It helps me to find the right way to describe things.  
So, that’s why I thought it would be a good name for my blog. 😀

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