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July Blog challenge – Days 8/9

How do you invision your life being in 5 years?

Great question.  Now that I’m getting married in less than three months I think it would be safe to say that in 5 years I will be content in a secure and loving marriage with the man God brought into my life.  And we may very well have children.  Or at least one child.  
And Mark will have his dream of a cafe that makes a difference up and running and I will be working with children in some capacity or other.  That’s what I invision.  God willing.
What’s your food philosophy?

What the heck is a good philosophy?
I eat when I’m hungry and that’s about it.  I try to eat a balanced diet but it can be difficult.  And I don’t believe in dieting. Everything in moderation is good.  Even chocolate. 
Oh and I could not ever become a vegetarian.  

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