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Update on Life

So, I kind of gave up on the July blog challenge, but I thought I’d take some time to update you all on my life.  
It’s July.  Less than two months until I get married. I’ve been at CBELC for almost seven months.  Simple Plan release their fifth studio album this year and life in general just looks up.  
Yes, Simple Plan is in my update.  So, what?  They’re probably as much a part of my life as my faith is.  I’m not being defensive about it.  It’s just that maybe some people might think I’m a tad obsessive about them.  
Speaking of Simple Plan and being obsessed:  I really want to get back into my writing.  But my muses aren’t cooperating… Which sucks… 
These four need to wake up and give me a little inspiration.  Especially EP.  Would be nice.
I have two stories I particularly need inspiration for.  The Baker Tapes and The Uprising.  The first one is the sequel to my favourite Avenged Sevenfold fanfiction that I wrote, Shadows Creed.  Major writers block is happening on that one.  I know where I want to go with it, I just need to get there.  

The Uprising is my original story which is based on Shadows Creed.  

I know where I want this story to go as well, but inspiration is hard to come by.  My mind is probably too full with life at the moment that fictional worlds don’t have room to flourish.  Which kind of makes sense in a way.  Stories were my way of occupying my mind when I was feeling too alone.  Now I have people in my life that fill those spaces.
But, the introvert in me still loves those moments of solitude with my muses.  Unless I’m spending it with God.  
Haha that just got deep.  Maybe I oughta write something centred around my faith…using my original McTavish muse?  
Who knows.  All I know is that right now I’m having my McGarrett/O’Loughlin fix and life is good.

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