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50 Day Challenge – Day 3

The next book you see that has over 300 pages, open up to page 136. Find a sentence you like, copy it down, and then write about it.
“But as for certain truth, no man has known it, nor will he know it…” – Xenophanes  

The thought that comes to mind when I read the above words is that I don’t agree with them.  I believe that God has revealed His ultimate truth.  HE is the ultimate truth.  He doesn’t just embody truth, He is truth.

So, this quote is definitely mot the truth. In fact it’s a lie.

Thinking of lies and truths, I wonder if people who are amazing writers are also really good at lying?  Or at least, very good at twisting the truth?

Also, omitting information is not necessarily lying.  It’s just not telling people everything.  I think my head hurts way too much to seriously contemplate the intricacies of communication.  

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