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New 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

Discuss your current relationship 
I’ve been married almost six months and sometimes it’s difficult to remember that I haven’t even been with my amazing husband for two years, yet.  That’s a scary thought, considering my previous relationship lasted only two and bit years.  At the same time my marriage is very very different to my previous relationship.  
Mark and I have a very open and honest dialogue with each other; as much is possible for me.  I’m a reserved person and find it difficult to open up to anyone, especially if I’m stressing over things that I have no control over.  My husband though is very good at drawing me out and getting me to speak out my thoughts. That’s something I treasure.  
We can go from having silly insignificant conversations to deep and serious discussions; example: We were talking random stuff tonight and then started talking about same-sex marriage and other relational subjects.  
We are compatible in so many ways and I am forever grateful to God for that.  

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