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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

It’s winter in Australia and I usually don’t associate the word blossom with this wonderful and cold season.  However, I believe I can still think on the word, even in this period of time.  
To blossom means to grow, to thrive and that is something we can all strive to do every day of our lives.  I see the children at work growing into their own; learning to walk, to talk, to interact with each other.  Even I’m personally growing and learning in this season.  
I’m at a point in my life where I know where I stand on a lot of issues, social justice issues and so forth.  
Tomorrow is Election Day and I know that I am still of two minds.  One is that I will vote Liberal as that is just the way I’ve always voted.  On the flip side of that I know I’m definitely not voting Labor. Two, I want to vote as an informed Christ follower, so I won’t be voting for a party just because they have “Christian” in their title.  I really need to research parties properly this time.  And I have until tomorrow to figure it all out.  
In the end I want what’s best for the country as either way I vote I don’t think it will impact me personally too much.  At least not anymore than politics already affects me.
July 1 and I’m already growing more. 

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