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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 2 – Shift (Election Day thoughts)

Today is Election Day.  Australia will go to the voting polls and make a decision on who should lead this country.  One thing that needs to be clarified is that we don’t elect our Prime Minister.  The parties do that, we only vote for the candidates in the electorate that we live in.  Now that I’ve said that…
This year it has become apparent that it won’t be good enough just to vote like we’ve always done.  But that will take a huge shift in common mindsets to realise.  I’ve read several articles pertaining to how we should vote as followers of Christ (as I am a committed Christian) and several points have been brought up very clearly.  
First, that we need to be prayerful in the decisions we make.
Second, we should vote in light of what others need
Third, there are no “Christian” parties.  Though there are parties with the word “Christian” in them.  However, when you look at the policies they are wanting to put forward…some of them are not how Jesus would respond to the needs of this world.  And that’s what being Christian is truly about.  Being like Jesus.  
Four, don’t let the media or others pressure you into voting for certain parties.  
And fifth, it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with every policy that a particular party has laid on the table.  You need to consider the pros and cons of every party and see which outweighs in each case.
But, it’s the second point that I want to stick to for the moment.  It’s a huge paradigm shift to even start thinking that we should vote, not for ourselves, but for others.  But, I will strive to vote in this way. Because, the future generations is who we are really voting for.  And those who are less advantaged and don’t have a voice.  And those who cannot vote, yet.  
Which brings me to another thought.  Hubby and I were watching Q and A the other night and someone either tweeted or commented that perhaps the voting age should be lowered.  So, 16-17 year olds could vote voluntarily and then voting would become compulsory from 18 years of age.  I think the idea is definitely worth thinking on.  There are many 16 and 17 year olds who are knowledgable enough and aware enough to actually be able to make informed decisions about political issues. They deserve a voice, they are the future after all.  And when it comes to what their generation need are they not their own best advocates?  Yes, they may still be children, legally…but it doesn’t mean they are not aware of social justice issues, or economic issues.  All these things affect them in no small measure and they deserve to have a say in what their future will look like.  
I know personally that at 16, 17, I was able to have reasoned discussions about serious topics.  Having good education does help.  But, to touch on that would be worth another blog post.  
So, in light of all that I have written…consider your vote seriously and make it count.

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