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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 3 – Vibrant

It’s a cloudy winter’s day in Perth and I’ve found that on days like these the colours of life seem to dissipate.  I often feel lethargic and flat.  However, I’ve realised too that this is a choice.  I can allow myself to feel the lethargy or I can actively counter that.  
This morning in church, Haydn was talking about encountering God.  That a God encounter is more amazing and wonderful than any other experience we can even imagine.  I like to think that this is what really counts.  That resting in the presence of God is enough.  Enough to chase away the grey in our world.  
I think of the vibrant flush of colour in a rainbow.  The rainbow that was a symbol of God’s covenant with Noah after the flood.  A promise that He would never destroy the world again because of the sin of His people.  He sent Jesus, the Light of the world, instead to save us.  
I think of sunlight piercing through the clouds and brightening the wet roads in the city.  Blinding, yet illuminating all at once.  The flashes of warmth from the rays of winter sun are well worth soaking up.  Taking advantage of the beautiful sunny days in winter  think is essential for lessening the affect of the gloomier days.  We make sure to spend as much time outside with the children at work on the ‘warmer’ days in light of this fact.  
I think of…well, so many things and I never have enough words to explain them.
I apologise for the rambling nature of this post.  I got distracted by social media and my game on my iPad.  Perhaps we should all just go and look for what is most vibrant in life today…or tonight?

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