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Top Six things on my mind right now 

What’s on my mind right now? Would you like a list? Here goes: The top six things on my mind right now. 
1. DC Talk’s Jesus Freaks – the book especially. I plan to read it as part of my August challenge to myself – that is, to read a couple of chapters of a book per day.

2. Music – because music is something I always think about. Currently listening to my 2016 mood playlist which includes Simple Plan, A7X, Human Nature, Hawk Nelson, Hedley, Josh Wilson, Peter Combe and others.

3. My husband – because I’m always thinking about how blessed I am.

4. 2 Thessalonians…. A very theologically meaty letter that Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica. And the topic of the Perth Women’s Convention this year.

5. Simple Plan – just because.

6. The fact that it looks like they’re keeping Clokey in the VFL to help them get into the VFL finals… Oh well.

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