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Journaling from the heart 

It’s been a while since I’ve touched base here.  Thought I would pick up some prompts from once more.  I feel like I need a burst of writing inspiration and what better way than to have individual words to jog my thoughts into action.  
It’s already November, which is hard to fathom.  Only two months left of 2016.  Goodness.  It’s been a full year and it hasn’t ended, yet.  

There’s been a lot of storms come my way; not necessarily bad storms, though.  Life just has a way of surprising one and setting one on unexpected tangents.  

Being sick so much this year has taught me patience, resilience, courage to get through each day.  And to rely on God, for only He can calm the rage of the world.  I am so thankful for God’s providence, for His presence always.  Even when He feels far away, I know that it’s really I that has drifted away and tried to take on life in my own strength.  Ever will I return to God, though.

Haha, didn’t mean to get all theological and spiritual on you…not that I apologise.  For my husband and I, having Jesus at the centre of our lives is of utmost importance.  Especially, as we both feel that the next few months and next year will be even more challenging. So, to know that there is someone there to calm the storms of life? That’s a blessing.

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