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Wednesday.  Hump day.  The middle of the week.  

Sometimes I get to this point in a week and think, ‘hey not long to go after today, that’s nice.’  And on other weeks I get here and think, ‘it’s only Wednesday…wish the week would hurry up.’  I’ve come to the realisation, though that it’s a choice that I make, to feel a particular way about the days that have already passed.  In fact, each day and how I feel about them is a direct result of my attitude.  

Say I head into the day feeling that it’s going to be a bad day…well it does tend to become a self fulfilling prophecy, doesn’t it?  Not that it always does.  Sometimes I will be pleasantly surprised about how good the day turns out, or at least better than my worse fears were expecting.  Then the flip side is the same.  Of course, life is not static and anything could happen, but in general positivity breeds positive outcomes.  Even if the positive outcome is only internal.  

However, I do believe that positive outcomes can result even on negative days.  Every time.  As I said before, it all comes down to how I position my mind and heart.  

Does this sound new age-y to you? Well, even the Bible speaks of the attitude we should have to the tough days.  We should not dwell on the evil things, we should instead dwell on the name of the Lord.  He is good, always; and He is our strength, our provider, our guide, our Saviour.  He has overcome the world and our earthly troubles are small in comparison.  

If we keep our eyes firmly on the Lord Jesus Christ, how can we not see the joy, even in the darkest of hours? 

For Jesus is the Light of the world. His Word is a light to my feet, a lamp for my path. (Psalm 119:105 my paraphrase). 

I will hold tight to that truth as long as I have breath in this life.  Amen. 

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