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Update|The Aviators|Inspiration Needed

It’s been a while since I’ve touched base on the blogsphere, so here’s a list of thoughts for you.

1. It’s the middle of April. Where is this year even going? So much has happened…a lot of health issues for my husband and I, which we are still navigating.

2. Work is hectic, and school holidays are in full force, which I hardly even take notice of though, as I work in a profession that doesn’t follow school terms.

3. I finished The Aviators at the beginning of this month. So, I need inspiration for the rest of my fanfics.

4. I think I even need inspiration for something new.

5. 9 PM is my new sleep time of late. I’m actually worn out by this time, when earlier this year, late last year I would still be raring to go at 11 PM.

6. We had a beef casserole for dinner tonight…the perfect autumn/winter meal.

7. It’s Friday tomorrow, last day of my working week and I am so so so glad that it’s the end of the week. This weekend I’m prioritising time with my hubby. And hermetising. No socialising outside of Mark and I. We need this weekend to recharge.

8. I finally got JR Ward’s The Chosen in the mail. I have to read The Beast first, though.

9. My emotions are all over the place and today was a frustrating day.

10. Lists are my thing at the moment. Perhaps you could suggest a list I could blog next time?

Hope you are all well.

How has your last few months been?

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