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Bed Hair is Not a Fashion Statement – Simple Plan Fan Fiction


So, I don’t often share about my writing on this specific blog anymore. I do most of that on my other blog However, I thought I would share one of my fan fictions on this blog, so you get to see where some of my writing energy goes to.

Bed Hair is Not a Fashion Statement – yes, I know, a long title to rival a Fallout Boy song – is one of several Self-Insert fictions that I’ve worked on for the last seven years. Self-Insert means that I’ve inserted myself into the story…something that I’m honestly not ashamed of…it’s kind of a fantasising thing haha.

It’s a Simple Plan story (go figure…) that came to mind whilst I was still doing relief teaching…before I ever thought working with toddlers was a good idea.  It’s not completed yet, but is one of the fics that I want to finish this year.

The basic premise is that FicMe was in a relationship with the lead singer of SP, Pierre Bouvier, and then decided she needed to have a break so she could return home to Perth to finish her studies to become a teacher.

Pierre was in love with her, but then she walked out of his life. He became a nasty shell of himself, and the band don’t know what to do with him.

Her world and his are on a collision course; whether it will end in peace remains to be seen.

The story also features a now defunct Perth local band called Fools Rush In and revolves around them touring with Simple Plan. The lead singer of this band is one of FicMe’s colleagues.

I’ve written ten chapters so far, but as the story took a back seat from my longer standing A7X fanfics I’ve only just gotten back to writing the next chapters.

I hope to finish the story this year, but who knows how that will turn out. But, it is my challenge to myself.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the story. (The story alternates from first person point of view – FicMe – and third person point of view to help encapsulate the full emotions of the characters and story.)

“So, get this,” Andy held up a finger his eyebrows waggling at us as he spoke, “We’ve been booked to be opening act for a big name international band.”

We were sat around a table at Aroma Café, eating decent sized all-day breakfasts. Bianca had her fork close to her mouth, tomato just hanging of it. Ben was buttering his toast. Mark was halfway through a piece of bacon, but started coughing at his friend’s statement.

“What?” Bianca’s eyes were even brighter than before. I just sat, blinking at Andy. He grinned through a mouthful of poached egg.

“Management sent me an email.” He held up his phone. “Simple Plan.”

The fact that I managed not to react was surprising; I just blinked several times and said, “That’s really cool.”

Mark chuckled, nudging me. “Isn’t that your favourite band?”

I nodded. “Yeah…”

Bianca grinning, said, “Don’t go all fangirl on us, hey.”

I smiled a little, downing my coffee. “No fear.” I’d long gone past the fangirl stage. They didn’t really appreciate it anyway, especially from someone who knew them so well. Though, sometimes I pretended to do it to get on Pierre’s nerves…

I will start posting the story chapter by chapter in the coming days.

Please enjoy 😀

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