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“Thank God for Fridays.” (Bed Hair – Two)

April 2010
Perth, WA

Dear Diary,

You know what I don’t like? Sitting around, twiddling my thumbs and having to wait for work to come to me. I know I should be proactive, but when work doesn’t exist it’s a little difficult to be all gung ho over it. My parents have been complaining, but come on, you have to blame the government, don’t you? And, the media. All the hype last year about not having enough teachers has turned into just as much hype about not enough students. I wish they’d make up their minds.

Luckily, I’ve managed to secure a casual position at the Association of Science Teachers. Not ideal, but at least I don’t have to scab off my parents for fuel money. And I can pay for my own car insurance. Whoop-dee-do. That’s all small potatoes, though.

I can’t believe I’m writing this down; I’m such a boring person. Then again, I guess no one is going to be sticking their noses’ into my journal, are they? I mean, the ramblings of an average Australian woman who doesn’t have a spectacular life aren’t going to interest anyone in particular. Of course, in my opinion, it’s been a pretty speccy life, so far. But, doesn’t everyone think that about their own lives, no matter how ordinary they are?

Okay, so I’m not being entirely honest am I? But, my life is ordinary now. Let’s just forget about that three year period where I was not living at home in a normal suburban bungalow. I mean, not that it was bad…just…well, I’ve compartmentalised that part of my life to be treasured in my own private moments, too private even for this journal.

Anyway. After graduating last year, I was hoping that I’d get a job, quick smart. It didn’t happen, though. Which just sucks. But, that’s life for you. Well, at least it would be, except that ever since coming home, I’ve become more serious about my life. Or, to be more exact, my spiritual life. Which naturally translates to me going to church regularly.

I’ve found this great church in the city that’s just the right fit with where I’m at, right now. I’m not new to this. I was raised in the belief, but I wasn’t really serious about it. It’s kind of ironic my science degree was the catalyst that made me start thinking on it more. That was a few years ago, though. It just sort of came back to me in the last year. I guess that makes me a weird Christian.

Not that any of that matters to anyone, but me. Anywho, I have to stop here. The phone just rang. It was Mercy School asking to see if I can come in and do some relief. High maintenance teenaged kids, here I come…

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Bed Hair is Not a Fashion Statement – Simple Plan Fan Fiction


So, I don’t often share about my writing on this specific blog anymore. I do most of that on my other blog However, I thought I would share one of my fan fictions on this blog, so you get to see where some of my writing energy goes to.

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 23 – Alone

I’m never really alone.  Ever.  Even in the loneliest of times I remember that I have God on my side and that’s an amazing truth to me.  However, there have been times when I have felt terribly alone.  When I lost my job in 2014.  When my husband is in hospital.  Those are the times I felt the most alone.  But, here’s the rub, being around people does not cure the feeling of being alone.  You can feel alone even in a room filled with people.
Aloneness is not dependent on how many people there are or are not in a room.  It’s actually a state of being.  If you have nothing in common with the people in the room, then you can feel just as alone.  If you have no connection then you might as well be an island in the middle of a grand ocean.  And I think that’s why that having the knowledge that I belong to a loving God works to chase away that sense of loneliness.  God has promised to always be with me even through the deep valleys of my life. And that is a promise I cling to and give thanks for every day.
Day 24 – Summer

I am going to do a fictional vignette for this word.  But, before I do, let’s just say that I wish it was summer right now.  I am so over winter.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s EP (Evil Pierre Bouvier… :P) with his thoughts…they may just be illuminating.


We met in the warmer months leading up to the Australian summer.  At a bar in Queensland.  I’d left the rest of the guys back at the hotel and found myself in a bar near to the venue.  She was sitting at the bar, very much alone.  Later on, she told me that her friends had walked out on her for some reason I can’t remember (she would tell you that is was me who was the one alone…but this is how I remember it).  That pissed me off, no end.  Anything could’ve happened to her…
I guess I happened to her.  But, that’s not a bad thing, though if you knew our past since that meeting…well, perhaps you’d beg to differ.  But, anyway…
She was there.  And something made me walk up and sit by her side.  The way her eyes widened as I came into her line of sight…let’s just say my jeans felt a bit tight after that…
She was a fan of the band…was wearing one of our tour shirts.  She also mentioned going to the gig.  I’m not really sure if any of that registered, though as I was more interested in checking her out.  I knew, even then, that I wanted her.  You know exactly what I mean.  I wanted to feel her skin against mine, to taste her…to touch her, to get inside her.  And I’d just met the chick… 
I still have no explanation as to why or how any of this was possible.  Soul mate is not a term I ascribe to, though Pierre says that’s exactly what it was.  Our souls (all our soul…Pierre….me…) were connected by slender threads of our auras in inexplicable ways.  
Too esoteric perhaps?  
Anyway, that night…I took charge.  Invited her back to my room.  She was reluctant…so I made her promise to keep in touch.  We traded numbers and emails… Best decision I’d ever made…
Fast forward a year.  Another gig.  Different country.  Different city.  I got Pat to be the go-between and he executed my plan perfectly.  VIP backstage pass, Pat brought her backstage to meet the band and then I asked her out to dinner.   Those luminous eyes were once again wide open, taking me in, taking the dining experience in…taking everything in.  
And I waited for the right moment…
Sometimes I wonder if I pushed too hard that first night.  Sometimes, I even feel some guilt.  But, from all indications, she was into it.  And today she would tell me that I gave her exactly what she needed, even though she hadn’t realised she even needed it until that point.  I guess it’s not easy to come to the conclusion that you’re of a particular personality type, especially when it comes to something as intimate as your sex life…and your whole being… But, she’s submissive in the bedroom, and that fuels the Dominant in me… 
It’s taken many years for us to be truly comfortable in our roles, and fully trusting to each other.  It’s why she spent so many years with Pierre, and the others, and not with me.  I broke a lot of trust in the early years…was a horrible person…and I still can be…but, I check myself now.  I don’t want to be that controlling SOB that I was when I was younger… 
Being so in the confines of our home…when she needs to be in her sub space?  That’s a different matter.  I’ll be whatever she needs me to be.  Friend, mate, lover, Dom… 
It is something I struggle with, though…not abusing my position.  It is not in my nature to go easy on her…it is not in my nature to concede my authority… But, I love her…and I don’t want to push her away like I did in that past…so, I’m learning compromise.  Pierre says I’m getting better at it…but, he’s always there in the background.  
Just in case.  

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 9 – Imagine

Honesty time.  I use my imagination a lot.  I make up stories in my head, which some would call them fantasies.  The most prevalent ones feature the Rebels of Scotland (the five Douglas brothers – Gordon, Joshua, Daniel, Richard and Robert and their family and friends and enemies…); the Pierre clones (EP, Pips and the “real” Pierre Bouvier); and my other muses – namely Elliott and Phil Preston, Daniel McTavish and co.  Travis Cloke of Collingwood, Alex O’Loughlin and M Shadows have all featured as well.  I do write fan fiction after all.  
Clokey is my Fallen Angel.  In my fiction he is literally the human incarnation of the fallen angel Azael.  He was a disciple of the Devil until he was redeemed and evolved into human conscious so that he could make up for all the wrong that he did in the heavens.  Inspired by the angel wing tattoo that Trav has on his back.

Pierre Bouvier
The first “celebrity” I seriously crushed on and the main character of most of my fan fictions.  He features especially in Jars of Clay, To Assasinate an Angel, Pierre Wars: Attack of the Clones, Bed Hair is Not a Fashion Statement, Songs of the Deep Blue, Tattoos of Memories. He has featured in many others, but a lot of them in the guise of….

EP (Evil Pierre) is my writing muse.  He is how Pierre has manifested in many of my stories.  A darker version of the Pierre we all know and love.  He’s been a bounty hunter, a vampire, a master, a serial killer to name a few.  

Isn’t really my creation but I borrowed him for some of my stories.  He’s the lighter side of Pierre, the sweet, cheeky personality that doesn’t have a care in the world and balances out the darkness that is EP.  

The three Pierres are linked inexplicably and they are in my fictional worlds (my imagination at least) capable of supernatural feats – mind reading, teleportation, healing and the like.  Though this was more in role play with friends on the old SimplePlanOnline message boards back when I was younger.

Alex O’Loughlin
Daniel McTavish face claim
Alex has been himself; a vampire; and sometimes McGarrett.  He is also the face of Daniel McTavish my completely original character who came to me relatively recently in comparison to my other muses. He is of two guises.  One is the killer cum youth pastor; the other is the Commander in a dystopian society that has banned music…inspired from a tale featuring…

M Shadows and Zacky V
Matthew Sanders is the original Commander of the Creed.  (Well, he’s actually the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold in real life, and Zacky is the rhythm guitarist).  But, it’s his story, Avenged Sevenfold fan fic Shadow’s Creed that inspired my original fiction The Uprising, which is McTavish’s story.  Matthew and ZV have also been vampires alongside EP’s vampire.  He’s also joined Alex, EP, Pierre and Clokey in fighting for my mind’s attention.  

The Rebels
My fertile imagination created before all of these, the Rebels of Scotland.  Gordon was inspired directly from my high school crush, at least his name and looks.  Everything else was my own creation.  Gordon and his four younger brothers (Joshua, Daniel, Richard, Robert).  His mother Celandine; his father Gregory.  And the rest.  The Fenton’s (Joseph, Josephine, Jacob, Jemima), the McDonalds (Stephen, Kayla, Jams), the McGregors (the Royal family of Scotland), the O’Donnells (Zachariah, Caleb, Jason), the Pasans (Matthew, Anthony), the O’Days (Michael, Terence)…and so on and so forth.  
They exist in a fictional Scotland that is ruled by His Majesty King Henry McGregor and his Crown Prince son, Jonathan.  I don’t really have any concrete tale, except that Gordon left Scotland to go to school in Australia, then returns to Scotland with the school and they don’t realise that he is a Rebel.  He doesn’t tell them and they don’t find out until either of two things happens….depending on where my mind goes.
Either Gordon is rude to prince Jonathan when the prince tells his school group that the Rebel Chieftain (who is Gordon’s younger brother) is dangerous and they need to stay away from him.  And then Gordon’s teachers want him to apologise to Prince Jonathan and after that want to meet his family.  And only after that they find out Gordon is a Rebel.
The other scenario is that the Rebel Chieftan (Joshua, Gordon’s brother) has been hosting one of Gordon’s friends and then that friend gets hurt, and Joshua was going to be arrested but Gordon manages to persuade them to give him a chance and let him host him instead.  Again it’s not until after he’s spent some time with Joshua being “hosted” that his friends and teachers find out that Gordon is actually a Rebel.  
I do want to write some proper fiction around them, but in the mean time I’ve borrowed, Gordon, Robert and their cousin Lachlan for my Uprising fiction.  
The Uprising
My imagination brought me to these four as the faces of The Uprising… And I found that amazing because that never used to happen to me. 
Alex is Daniel
Thomas Sangster is Robbie
Pierre is Pips Preston
Jim Sturgess is Elliott

Part of me sits back and thinks…imagine if none of these muses had ever shown up.  Mayhap my Rebels may have populated the pages of writing that have been consumed by EP and his ilk.

I am so glad that was not the case.  I feel blessed to be able to write everything I have.  I’ve learnt and grown a lot as a writer and that’s something.  

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Inspiration! Or is writing in first person from a guy’s point of view really that hard?

Let me give you this artsy photo of Pierre Bouvier to inspire you…in some way.  Not sure how, but just go with it.
So, thanks to random Simple Plan happenings I finally got some inspiration for Jars of Clay.  No, no relation to the band.  Jars of Clay is my latest Simple Plan story.  By latest, I began writing it a year ago when I was in one of my most creative periods.  I came up with several other ideas during that period as well, none of which are cooperating with me at the moment. 

To be honest, if the guys weren’t in the studio, this particular story may have stagnated; but seeing the photo updates from the studio has given me a push and dropped ideas in my mind again.

Pause to enjoy this photo of Pat, Chuck and Pierre….

Anyway, that’s actually not what I wanted to touch on in this post.  Jars of Clay is written in first person point of view, which isn’t as easy as some would think.  First of all, writing from this pov means you can only write from the pov’s point of view.  So, you can’t get inside the head of other characters.  I found that difficult when I began writing years ago, but I’ve improved sight unseen.

The other thing that was the norm in the early days of my writing was that I tended to write from the female perspective, or when I did switch to a male there was no discernible difference.  Which made for wooden characters.  Now though, I believe I’m improving my ability to give my characters their own voice.  It’s still not easy and I’m sure most of my narrators still have some of me in them, but I’m trying.  
But the biggest thing is trying to write in the voice of a male.  Without sounding like a female trying to write as a male…if you get my meaning.  I mean, maybe I should just take a leaf out of that author who wrote A Song of Ice and Fire and remind myself that I am writing from the perspective of a person who has wants and needs and desires and goals that are all their own and no one else’s.  And not worry too much about gender, except when it comes to those things only certain genders can do.  If you know what I mean…  
I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, so have one more unnecessary photo of Simple Plan.