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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 19 – Despair

I’m sitting on the train, heading to work and I’ve just finished reading about God’s promise to us that He will send an Advocate to abide in us: His Spirit.  The Holy Spirit.  

In light of this, I know that I do not need to despair for those who are in Christ Jesus.  
However, at the same time it is hard not to mourn for the world. 
There is so much conflict, pain, hurt, in the world right now.  You only have to turn the news on and see.  Terror attacks in Europe, dissent over politics here in Australia.  Politics of fear and ignorance concerning immigrants coming into our country.  Fear of what we do not know.  And sometimes I fear for the next generation.  What are we doing to their world? 
I think we need to start looking to the Scriptures and taking seriously the saying “What Would Jesus Do?”.  It was a big thing when I was growing up.  The WWJD tag.  Perhaps if more of us actually lived it, a difference would we make.  
So.  What would Jesus Do?  
Jesus loves justice.  For all.  He wants us all to repent and turn to Him.  But, there are so many who don’t know Him.  Preaching fire and brimstone is not the answer here though.  Loving others is.  
I’ve already spoken in an earlier blog about what love looks like, but it bears repeating.  Love is a verb, it’s an action that we do.  It is also a feeling, but love is always much deeper than just a feeling and as trite as it sounds, love truly is the only answer to despair.  
Wouldn’t it be amazing that instead of responding to terror attacks with hate and fear that we all took a stand and loved one another.  Showed those who are maligned that we are on their side.  And wouldn’t it be even more amazing if we forgave those who perpetrated those acts of terror and hate.  Not excusing their acts, but understanding where they are coming from and forgiving them for our own souls’ sake.  Hatred festers, but forgiveness heals.  It heals us as much as it heals the other.
Jesus forgave and then told those He graced to go and sin no more.  
We can only do so much, but opening the door for others to know Jesus is a good first step.  
And remember, as it says in the scriptures:  “In this world you will have trouble.  But, take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33b 
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 18 – Nourish

The word for today is nourish and I really should focus on that.  However, I feel that there isn’t much I can say about the word aside from talking about food and drink and health.  Considering my own health it’s not exactly something I want to talk about right now.  
So, instead I’m going to talk about whatever I want. 
I love how my husband always tries to make me smile when I’m not well or feeling down.  I’m forever grateful for what he says and does in those times.  I don’t enjoy making him worry, though.  And I’m sick of being sick.  I know it’s is just the hazard of the profession I’m in and the fact that when I get colds they tend to linger for a long time.  But, part of me is fed up with it.  I just want to be well.  Winter sucks to be honest.  
I was just thinking that my favourite animal is the horse.  Well, my favourite herbivore is the horse. 
Thowra (The Silver Brumby)
I guess my love of horses have come from the books I’ve read and the movies I’ve watched.  The Silver Brumby, The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Phar Lap, The Man From Snowy River and the like. 
The Black Stallion
Phar Lap
The Man From Snowy River
The Lipazzaner

I don’t think I really need to add any more words to this post.  The pictures speak for themselves.

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 16 – Blaze

So, I missed day 16 as I was in a bit of a mood, yesterday.  And then we went out for a work social night, which was actually exactly what I needed.  Anyway, the word for 16th of July was ‘blaze’.  The first thought that comes to mind when I see the word ‘blaze’ is fire.  
Fire is actually quite an amazing…element?  Well, I can’t really explain fire to be honest.  It is a chemical reaction I think? It’s caused by the combination of chemicals with oxygen in the air and gives off heat, and light.  Blue flame is hotter than orange.  
When humans gained the ability to harness fire…that was when civilisation began, really.  That and agriculture.  But, being able to use fire to cook with, and to clear land for use…that was a big thing.  
I love sitting in front of a fireplace in winter, and enjoying the warmth and also watching the flames leap up and fill a dark room with light.  It’s quite hypnotic…and relaxing.  
When I was at school and we went on camps, we used to do this thing where if the smoke moved toward us, we would say ‘white rabbit’ and it was meant to make it move away.  Half the time it didn’t, but it was fun to just yell out ‘white rabbit’ while sitting in the dark and watching the smoke.  I think the teachers indulged us in this activity, until we were tired and headed to our bivvies.  
Fun times.
I’ve seen another use of the word ‘blaze’ when people say ‘blaze it’.  And maybe I’m getting old, but I really don’t get it.  There’s some connection with 4.20?  And I really don’t know.  Sometimes I wish words just had one meaning and we stuck with that… 
Day 17 – Unfold

Today is the 17th of July, and the word of the day is ‘unfold’.  And, right now I’m attempting to write more of my story The Aviators.  I really want to know how the rest of the story is going to unfold as I began writing it in 2008? I think?  No.  2009.
Wow.  Just.  Wow.  That’s longer than the length of time I took to write Adeline’s Choice (You Don’t Mean Anything).  Granted, I’ve experienced massive breaks between writing.  Lots of writer’s block going on there.  But, I think I know how I’m going to end this.  And, maybe I’ll regret how I’ll end it.  But, I need to finish writing the story because…well, otherwise I never will.  
So, I guess we’ll see.  I’m throwing in the “M” word.  Cliche, perhaps….but, you know.  I’m the master of cliche.  

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 15 – Charm

Noun the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating others.
“he was captivated by her youthful charm”
synonyms: attractiveness

We often use the word “charming” to describe behaviour that isn’t.  But, I want to talk about the people who I would have to admit could charm the birds from the sky.   I’m going to permit myself to put on my fan girl hat and tell you a bit about my favourite celebrities.  

Number one, of course, is Pierre Bouvier.  I know he isn’t really a celebrity in the Hollywood sense, but he is well enough known to count.  And I’ve actually met him. 
Pierre is such a humble man.  And yeah, I had a crush on him in a big way.  But, it’s now just because he’s such a beautiful person.  Inside and out.  He’s also a good singer and well, Simple Plan wouldn’t be the same without him.  
The next person I want to mention is M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold. 
His vocals are raw and hard hitting, but can also be tender and emotional.  And he is a larger than life personality when on stage.  I love that.
Then there are the Madden Brothers – Benji and Joel.  
I love these two.  Seeing them perform their album, Greetings From California, in 2014, was an amazing experience. And I’ve loved their Aussie TV appearances from the NRL Grand Finals to The Voice and even earlier their interviews on Rove Live.  I prefer Benji’s vocals over Joel’s and I’ve almost to the point where I can pick the difference between them.
Next I need to mention Travis Cloke.  My favourite footy player.  He gets bagged so much because of his form, but he’s been a loyal Collingwood player for over ten years.

Finally Alex O’Loughlin.  I have no words really for him.  He’s an Aussie, and I fell in love with his Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0.  Then following from that I’ve watched many of his shows and movies.  He is my McTavish face claim…and well.  My favourite actor he is.  

So charming…

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 14 – Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?  I do.  It may seem strange for someone who’s scientifically minded to believe in miracles.  But, the definition of a miracle is something that happens without explanation.  And the fact that the world is governed by scientific law does not negate the possibility of miracles occurring.  God can intervene however He likes.  And he has done, and continues to do so.  
Miracles today may not be so obvious, but I believe they do occur.  Of course, the biggest miracle that ever occurred was when Jesus rose from the grave.  Alive, bodily, arose.  The most amazing and most life changing miracle ever.
But, let’s talk about another kind of miracle.  The more colloquial use of the term.  

Today it was a sheer miracle I didn’t burst into tears at work.  My emotions are all over the place.  I think I’m coming down with another cold, and the kids in the toddler room at the end of the day were frustrating me.  Not intentionally.  They could never actually make me angry, but I honestly just couldn’t…. 

And then when they were all gone, nothing had been done cleaning wise.  Well, that’s not true.  

Lots had been done, it just felt like a lot hadn’t been done.  The outside in my area needed to be done.  I think I was just in a bad place.  Everything was done okay.  It’s me that’s not alright.  

Running on 5 hours sleep and coming to the end of that time…. I’m just super moody. And I’m hungry and down and….yes.

This wasn’t meant to turn into a rant about work.  

I LOVE MY JOB.  I’m just tired and unwell and fed up right now.  

So, yeah a miracle I didn’t cry at work tonight.    
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 13 – Care

Going to do another fictional vignette for this word.  Enjoy.  This is Daniel McTavish and his thoughts.  

Thoughts from The Real McTavish


Take care of it.  That was always what I promised the boss.  That I’d take care of whatever was necessary.  No job was too hard for me.  Or too easy.  I remember one particular job.  There’d been a betrayal within the family.  A rat.  Rats were exterminated, there was no other recourse for traitors.  
A bullet to the brain was all that was necessary.  And I did it, easily enough.  It was the aftermath that wasn’t so pretty.  Unexpected but I actually felt a hint of guilt.  I brushed it off, though…it wasn’t anything… Or at least that was what I made myself believe back then.  Now in hindsight I know that it was the beginning of the end.  It took a whole year of subterfuge to keep Mickey off my back….and then the hit on the Boss….well…that’s a whole other story…
Suffice to say that the capacity I have to care is a whole lot different these days.  Tyson would tell you – Tyson’s a street kid that I got off the streets – he would tell you that I’m a changed man.  But, I don’t think that’s the entire truth.  I’m still me…except now…well, I have God in my life.  And that explains a lot more than needs to be said.  Though, Mickey doesn’t know.  Colleen made me promise never to contact any of them again…back when we were still together.  She didn’t know….about her father.   Then.  Not until a…well, like I said, that’s a whole other story.  
Anyway… That’s all I have to say…gotta go catch Cath before she leaves.  

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 12 – Yawn

So, why do we yawn?  I know when we’re tired we yawn, but that can’t be the only reason, as sometimes we yawn as we wake up and we also yawn when others around us yawn.  It seems to be something that social animals do as well.  Many mammals also ‘yawn’.  So, I wonder if there is some evolutionary value to the yawn.  
There are theories that suggest we yawn when we’re not getting enough oxygen, which would make some sense as it means we get more air in.  Maybe to invigorate us to be ready to fight or take flight?  I don’t know.  Sounds as good a theory as any.  
I found myself yawning quite a bit today.  I’m usually a lot tireder when it’s that time of the month.  Anyway, I think this will be a shorter post as I have no motivation, even with this word…think it’s time for some zzz’s…. *yawn*. 

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 11 – Water

I don’t drink enough water in winter.  It’s a little bit of a problem, to be honest.  It’s probably what contributes to the dryness of my skin and lips and everything.  I get headaches sometimes, but I wonder if that’s because I forget to have my coffee.  Or, whether it is because of the lack of fluid that I drink.  when I’m fixated on something I forget to drink and eat and I find myself thinking, why am I hungry? Or why am I thirsty?  I wonder why…
Water is an essential.  We can go without food for a while, but we can’t go without water.  We are 70% water, I believe.  Don’t quote me on that; it’s been a while since I’ve read the science behind that statement.  The scientific formula for water is H2O – dihydrogen oxide.  And water is the most important molecule I think.  The planet that we live on is a watery planet with more oceans etc than land mass.  
But, anyway, I was thinking of places that I would love to visit that are on the water, and I’m currently re-watching season four of Hawaii Five-0…so…Hawaii comes to mind.  Haha.  
Especially because of these three…
I haven’t had my McGarrett fix in a while.
I mean look at that…
McGarrett on a horse…
Yeah, nothing about water…I know.  But, hey….word association isn’t my forte.
But, hey, I’ve had Alex O’Loughlin on the brain as well, because of my character McTavish.
So…here’s a photo of Steve in the water?
Nope….with a cat instead.
Good night all.

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 10 – Everything

Today was one of those full kind of days. 
1. We went to church this morning and the God encounters that I knew were happening were palpable.  Worship went off in a good way.  
2. Then we had lunch with family with lots of lively discussion.  
3. Earlier in the morning I was up and pottering around, listening to music and surfing the net.  
4. Tonight I will watch The Voice then catch up with the Play School 50 year documentary on iView.  
5.  I was looking at one of my fan fictions this morning and it was making me all teary….thanks very much hormones.  Pretty weird to be crying over my own writing.
6.  I’m so pleased for Clokey.  4 goals and 19 disposals in a Collingwood win over GWS yesterday.  GWS has never beaten Collingwood.  And still hasn’t, so woot!  
7.  Tomorrow is probably my last Monday off, which I’m actually happy about.  After the school holidays I’ll be going back to five days, but on a shorter shift.  8 hours (7.5 plus half hour lunch) instead of 10.  
8.  I’ve had EP on my mind.  
9.  Been reading a book on science, myth and philosophy which has been getting me thinking.  Ironic that.  A Chaos of Delight written by Geoffrey Dobson is a fascinating read, though some of what is in the book has been hurting my brain, haha.
10.  I’m going to have Cheerios in a minute.  No, not the cereal.  Cocktail frankfurts.  We used to call them Cheerios in Queensland.
11.  The 3rd State of Origin game is on this weekend.  Queensland have won the series, though…so really it’s so NSW can salvage some dignity….maybe? 
12.  Story Park is such a good program to use for documenting the learning of the children at our centre, and to be able to communicate with the families and other staff. 
13.  Mark bought me a black series Rey figurine! She’s awesome.
14.  This has been a list on “everything” that’s kind of been going on in my mind today.  But, really I can’t list everything because then this would be thousands of words long.  Haha.  
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 9 – Imagine

Honesty time.  I use my imagination a lot.  I make up stories in my head, which some would call them fantasies.  The most prevalent ones feature the Rebels of Scotland (the five Douglas brothers – Gordon, Joshua, Daniel, Richard and Robert and their family and friends and enemies…); the Pierre clones (EP, Pips and the “real” Pierre Bouvier); and my other muses – namely Elliott and Phil Preston, Daniel McTavish and co.  Travis Cloke of Collingwood, Alex O’Loughlin and M Shadows have all featured as well.  I do write fan fiction after all.  
Clokey is my Fallen Angel.  In my fiction he is literally the human incarnation of the fallen angel Azael.  He was a disciple of the Devil until he was redeemed and evolved into human conscious so that he could make up for all the wrong that he did in the heavens.  Inspired by the angel wing tattoo that Trav has on his back.

Pierre Bouvier
The first “celebrity” I seriously crushed on and the main character of most of my fan fictions.  He features especially in Jars of Clay, To Assasinate an Angel, Pierre Wars: Attack of the Clones, Bed Hair is Not a Fashion Statement, Songs of the Deep Blue, Tattoos of Memories. He has featured in many others, but a lot of them in the guise of….

EP (Evil Pierre) is my writing muse.  He is how Pierre has manifested in many of my stories.  A darker version of the Pierre we all know and love.  He’s been a bounty hunter, a vampire, a master, a serial killer to name a few.  

Isn’t really my creation but I borrowed him for some of my stories.  He’s the lighter side of Pierre, the sweet, cheeky personality that doesn’t have a care in the world and balances out the darkness that is EP.  

The three Pierres are linked inexplicably and they are in my fictional worlds (my imagination at least) capable of supernatural feats – mind reading, teleportation, healing and the like.  Though this was more in role play with friends on the old SimplePlanOnline message boards back when I was younger.

Alex O’Loughlin
Daniel McTavish face claim
Alex has been himself; a vampire; and sometimes McGarrett.  He is also the face of Daniel McTavish my completely original character who came to me relatively recently in comparison to my other muses. He is of two guises.  One is the killer cum youth pastor; the other is the Commander in a dystopian society that has banned music…inspired from a tale featuring…

M Shadows and Zacky V
Matthew Sanders is the original Commander of the Creed.  (Well, he’s actually the lead singer of Avenged Sevenfold in real life, and Zacky is the rhythm guitarist).  But, it’s his story, Avenged Sevenfold fan fic Shadow’s Creed that inspired my original fiction The Uprising, which is McTavish’s story.  Matthew and ZV have also been vampires alongside EP’s vampire.  He’s also joined Alex, EP, Pierre and Clokey in fighting for my mind’s attention.  

The Rebels
My fertile imagination created before all of these, the Rebels of Scotland.  Gordon was inspired directly from my high school crush, at least his name and looks.  Everything else was my own creation.  Gordon and his four younger brothers (Joshua, Daniel, Richard, Robert).  His mother Celandine; his father Gregory.  And the rest.  The Fenton’s (Joseph, Josephine, Jacob, Jemima), the McDonalds (Stephen, Kayla, Jams), the McGregors (the Royal family of Scotland), the O’Donnells (Zachariah, Caleb, Jason), the Pasans (Matthew, Anthony), the O’Days (Michael, Terence)…and so on and so forth.  
They exist in a fictional Scotland that is ruled by His Majesty King Henry McGregor and his Crown Prince son, Jonathan.  I don’t really have any concrete tale, except that Gordon left Scotland to go to school in Australia, then returns to Scotland with the school and they don’t realise that he is a Rebel.  He doesn’t tell them and they don’t find out until either of two things happens….depending on where my mind goes.
Either Gordon is rude to prince Jonathan when the prince tells his school group that the Rebel Chieftain (who is Gordon’s younger brother) is dangerous and they need to stay away from him.  And then Gordon’s teachers want him to apologise to Prince Jonathan and after that want to meet his family.  And only after that they find out Gordon is a Rebel.
The other scenario is that the Rebel Chieftan (Joshua, Gordon’s brother) has been hosting one of Gordon’s friends and then that friend gets hurt, and Joshua was going to be arrested but Gordon manages to persuade them to give him a chance and let him host him instead.  Again it’s not until after he’s spent some time with Joshua being “hosted” that his friends and teachers find out that Gordon is actually a Rebel.  
I do want to write some proper fiction around them, but in the mean time I’ve borrowed, Gordon, Robert and their cousin Lachlan for my Uprising fiction.  
The Uprising
My imagination brought me to these four as the faces of The Uprising… And I found that amazing because that never used to happen to me. 
Alex is Daniel
Thomas Sangster is Robbie
Pierre is Pips Preston
Jim Sturgess is Elliott

Part of me sits back and thinks…imagine if none of these muses had ever shown up.  Mayhap my Rebels may have populated the pages of writing that have been consumed by EP and his ilk.

I am so glad that was not the case.  I feel blessed to be able to write everything I have.  I’ve learnt and grown a lot as a writer and that’s something.